BLIND SPOTS - the book

Blind Spots are those personal habits that we can’t see about ourselves that everybody else can see. They influence our ability to reach a goal, strengthen a relationship or solve any problem we face. Demanding, overbooked schedules simply intensify their hold on us. What Claudia Shelton is able to do in Blind Spots is to simplify a way for us to discover our Blind spots--so we can understand them and decide what to do about them. With candid anecdotes and penetrating insights, Shelton engages each of us to gain Clear Sight through a process called Focusing that can turn these potential limitations into strengths.
From a straightforward explanation of the seven different Blind spots we encounter to the four principles which help us to gain Clear Sight, Blind Spots provides a simple set of tools. These can be put to work immediately for impact on personal effectiveness and business performance. This short, quick-reading book carries a wealth of experience from Claudia Shelton’s 20 years of work with high achieving people. It is eminently practical, straightforward and based in common sense.
Shelton admits that while our contemporary way of living is a breeding ground for personal blind spots, she is remarkably upbeat: “If there is one common factor that seems to be present in those individuals who excel at life,” she explains, “it is their ability to consistently focus on the one or two things that they are in a position to influence. Clear Sight brings the best within us to positive, results-oriented action.”
Where Are Your Blind Spots Hiding? Need Some Tips?

Blind Spots are intensified or diminished in specific situations. Consider the area of your life where you think Blind Spots might be hiding. Pick one of the five areas below you want to focus on, and email Claudia at about your concern. She’ll send you some tips for gaining Clear Sight.
Work  Are you finding difficulties in your relationship with your boss, your company president, your peers or your direct reports? Have you missed a promotion or a raise for unknown reasons? Are you overstressed or exhausted much of the time?
Personal Relationships 
Do your spouse, significant others or close friends express frustration in their communication with you? Are you feeling isolated? Do you get the support you need from the significant people in your personal life?
 Are your kids meeting frustration at school in their relationships with peers or in their academic performance? Do they look forward to spending time with you? Is the time you spend together after work or on weekends satisfying to you both?
Life Transitions  Are you facing changes in your life such as leaving on maternity leave, or moving to a new life phase? Are you concerned about what you want in the future for yourself? Are your moving to Second Adult Life—the time after you “retire” from your paycheck when you want to still lead an exciting and meaningful life?
Special Concerns  Your situation doesn’t fit in any of the above categories, but you could benefit from some fresh thinking.